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Steve Mahurin started hunting a few years after his marriage to Shirley in 1959. He and Shirley hunted, camped, and fished together for 36 years. Steve was lucky enough to take many trophy species of mammals, birds and fish, many even winning awards and still in the record books. After Shirley’s death in 1995 he retired from 36 years in the Postal Service and took up a passion he had had while hunting. Photography and writing. His hunting stories and photographs have been published in many publications across Texas. He decided to start bird watching as well as doing his best to take quality photographs of every species he saw. He was not always successful in this endeavor as some of the photographs on this site will attest to. His philosophy is do your best and live with the rest.

Steve says, "I hope you can enjoy this site and it’s stories and photography as much as I did shooting them."